TEAL Time 2013

TEAL Time 2013

TEAL Time is a 30 minute segment of the school day schedule. Students can get extra help from teachers. TEAL stands for: Teacher Extended Assistance Learning.

 TEAL Time at Vista Heights

TEAL Time is a 30 minute segment of the school day schedule, Tuesday-Friday,when students have the opportunity to meet with teachers to work on any failing grades or missed work. Students occasionally miss school due to illness, absences, or other activities (competitions/festivals). TEAL Time is a chance to identify missed work or suffering grades. Students will receive their own grades slip each day so that they know exactly what their current grades are. They will know which teachers to meet with, and can find out what work needs to be completed. We call this portion of TEAL Time, remediation. Almost all of the students at Vista Heights will have the opportunity to do some remediation during the course of the year for one reason or another.

We feel that giving students the benefit of clearing up any missed assignments or giving them extra one on one time with their teachers for clarification on concepts during the school day will provide a solid basis for maintaining grades, and provide a win/win learning scenario. Not all students may be able to come in before school or stay after school. TEAL Time gives all students equal opportunity to have the extra help they may need.

TEAL Time also has Enrichment Activities built in as motivation for students to turn all assignments in on time, and keep their grades up. Again, students will receive their own grade slips each day, and know whether or not they need to remediate or if they can participate in an enrichment activity. Included on this site are the schedules for both.

Please check with your child on a regular basis, and ask about grades. You also have access, at any time, to current grades through Skyward.

If you have questions about TEAL, please direct them to [email protected], or you can call the school.

Mary Ann Thornley, TEAL Coordinator, Counseling Office. 801-610-8770 Ext 771.

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